Veranstaltung mit Penny Ur

Dem Seminar für Didaktik und Lehrerbildung ist es gelungen, die international bekannte Fachdidaktikerin, Prof’in Emeritus Penny Ur, nach Rottweil einzuladen. Sie war am Freitag, den 4. Mai 2012, bei uns zu Gast und bot zwei jeweils 90-minütige Veranstaltungen zu den Themen Grammar teaching: research, theory and practice sowie Task-based versus traditional-language instruction an.


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Penny Ur's Bio

Penny Ur

Penny Ur was educated at the universities of Oxford (MA), Cambridge (PGCE) and Reading (MATEFL). She is married with four children and five grandchildren. Penny Ur has thirty years' experience as an English teacher in primary and secondary schools. She has recently retired from the headship of the M.Ed program in foreign-language teaching at Oranim Academic College of Education, but continues to teach M.A. courses at Oranim and Haifa University. She is interested in all aspects of language-teaching methodology, but in particular issues of fluency and accuracy in language teaching, language-learning activity design and the implications for teachers of the development of English as a lingua franca. She has published a number of articles, and was for ten years the editor of the Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers series. Her books include Discussions that Work (1981), Five Minute Activities (co-authored with Andrew Wright) (1992), A Course in Language Teaching (1996), and Grammar Practice Activities (2nd Edition) (2009), all published by Cambridge University Press.